Ordering in

So we are/ I am on an order in Chinese kick this week. It’s actually my normal condition but this week I went overboard and tried a few new places King Jade Garden – some super yummy roast pork, a good soup dumpling except the soup spilled out, bland broccoli, and a passable low mein. […]

Red Peony Chinese

Another Chinese delivery from Grubhub Pork Steamed Soup Buns.$9.95, Dry Sauteed String Beans $18.95, Mai Fun Beef, Crispy Pork Chops with Peppery Salt Red Peony (Formerly Joe’s Shanghai) – how could I not try it… Well, if I had known how expensive and not good it was I could have resisted. The soup dumplings were […]

Grand Sichuan Eastern Chinese Restaurant

It had to be take out today as it is really cold out and I ma feeling really lazy. I had wanted to order from Sri Dim Szechuan but they don’t deliver to my building so I thought to try someplace new So, this is what I ordered  Pork Soup Dumpling $8.95  Fried Pork Dumpling $7.95  Lo […]

Greenwich and Borough Market

The perfect tourist day began with a trip on the overground. My gps instructed me to go as far as New Cross Gate and once there to catch a bus. Well, as you know without being told, I walked out in the wrong direction. Once I figured this out I had also decided to check […]

Walking Again

After spending the morning inside watching the rain I remembered I am a Londoner now and I grabbed my umbrella and my raincoat and I trotted off to a far off grocer on a new route hoping to find a pair of boots. I didn’t find the boots but I did find a really good […]

Poppies fish and chips

Well, I would say tasteless describes Poppies. This was our first bring in dinner and it was disappointing. After much salting it gained some appeal but is now off the list of places to grab a bite. Luckily I think there are two other places for Fish & Chips within a short walk. Gotta love […]

Go Noodle Nine Moon

very good boneless spareribs, perfectly fine fried pork dumpling. so much chinese take out as I get ready to leave town.

Take Out/ Grubhub

As I get ready to leave the city I want to note for myself the order to make when I arrive back. First night i do like to order in chinese so the China 59 makes very good string beans I think and excellent boneless ribs. And About Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen makes a […]


After dance yesterday I knew I needed to stay out as the day was gorgeous but I had no errands to run and no desire to fulfill.  That leaves bakeries as I am not one to sit in the park for any length of time just soaking it all up.  Sweet Corner is the new […]