Loved Solothurn, not so much Fribourg

I had intended all along to get to Solothurn, a town that they say is obsessed wiht the number 11. 11 churches, 11 this, and even an 11 hour clock. But today I was headed to Fribourg…I had to see the Marionette Museum. But soemwhere along the way, perhaps as the train was pulling into […]

Bern and Zurich

Day three. SUNDAY.   Heading out to the Paul Klee Museum in Bern we had little luck finding an open restaurant through our google search so with nuts and jerky in my pack we boarded the train.    The ride isn’t as beautiful as through the alps but it is interesting and has its moments. Today I […]

Winterthur – Museums & Lymer Chocolates – the best so far

I was on my way to Solothur and doing a little early morning googling when I read that the town of Solothur has a thing for the number 11 and a clock that is special when it turns 11 o’clock, so I quickly looked to somewhere else to go and and Winterthur seemed like a […]

Lunch in Baden at Stadtbistro Isebahnli

And it was a very good lunch I had. Worth the search I did in the rain. Its sort of hidden on the back side of the block behind some construction and under a bridge adn it was raining and I did not have an umbrella so my Google Map was covered in rain but […]

I want to go to Bruggen

I rode through on the train and saw a great ravine and a tiny graveyard Now I want to go back and get off the train there. Or drive through if we ever come with a car. It was the first graveyard and really the most picturesque view up the hills behind the town.

All the Trains to Sierre for Fondue

A day of train adventure. With our passes in hand and some reading behind us we thought rather than just heading out on one of the panoramic routes we would piece together our own day of mountains and train rides. Heading out of Baden about 9:30 am we took the trains to Zurich to Erstfeld to […]


What a day. Perhaps it’s been too long since I planned a day because not only did I forget to check the weather when I headed towards Basel today, but I forgot to check whether the 3 museums I was heading to were open. Spoiler alert – it rained and the museums are closed on […]

Baden and Lucerne

Ahhhh, we arrive in Baden late at night and wake the next day to explore the town, see where we are and figure out what to do. Baden is lovely, quiet, clean, peaceful.  Hilly but not exhaustingly so.  We wandered into a number of well positioned underpasses where there was a market and an after […]