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Hurricane Diane at NYTW

NYTW has yet to disappoint. Hurricane Diane was brilliant. Set in the identical Kitchens of the three main characters I was at home and familiar with the scene. And blown away by the story. Diane, a play on the god of nature arrives at the cul de sac […]

Slave Play at NYTW

Loved it, new, different, unexpected.  At first I hated it and wanted to leave but i had no place to be and everything else at the New York Theatre Workshop has been great so I stayed.  So very glad I did.  This is from Time Out.  If I […]

Waverly Gallery

On Broadway. This show didn’t work for me. An unhappy play about an aging grandmother lost slowly and painfully to Alzheimer’s.  At the Golden theatre we were seats A101/103 in the front mezzo and my view was a bit blocked.  I would say that the aisle and the […]

EVE’S SONG and a walk to Bond Street

At the Public Theatre. Really emotional tale of a black family tearing apart with a backdrop focused on the deaths of black women. Or is it the other way around. The Public describes it this way. From The Public’s Emerging Writers Group alum and 2017-18 Tow Playwright-in-Residence Patricia Ione […]