Sitting in the rafters for CARMEN at the Met Opera House

Ahhhh, I loved the experience. We sat in the front at the top hovering over the stage. I was entertained. I cannot say how I would have enjoyed had I been sitting in the rear watching from the front. But I can tell you that looking down from above, watching the scenery turn, peeking behind […]

The Magic Flute

I never claimed to enjoy the opera. Often I like the sets, rarely the story (but the story is never the point). If I close my eyes I enjoy most of the music, tho the soprano less than the rest. As often as not the staging, setting, design hold my interest and last night at […]

La Traviata

We heard the double Aria.  Thats right, we had taken our class at the Opera Guild on La Traviata.  Though 97% was way above me I did remember that I would hear a double Aria and I did.  I also noticed in the second act how Verdi gave his leading man some stage time.  How […]

La Fanciulla Del West – Met Opera

Hmmmmm.  We went a few weeks ago to a Met Talk about this Opera so we would have familiarity.  I loved the talk, more a history of the idea of making an opera about the old west than anything about making of the actual opera.  So I was prepared.  Pleas remember I am not an […]