Portugese Salami Cake and 117,000 dead Americans

When we were in portugal I loved this chocolate cookie thing that I got at the bakery below the apartment we rented in Lisbon. And then, there it was, staring at me asa I searched out recipes for soemthing sweet to make so I could play with all the new baking toys. I had a […]

Chinese Meatballs and don’t blame The Who or the Jews

Well, its catch up day and I am going back to April 6. Since about then I have been doom scrolling, my new word.. and was my life. But today I thought I woudl look back, catch up and add in some more recipes. I read my first mystery in years, Camino Winds and loved […]

Opinion The National Humiliation We Need July 4 and America‚Äôs crisis of the spirit. By David Brooks Opinion Columnist July 2, 2020 We Americans enter the July 4 weekend of 2020 humiliated as almost never before. We had one collective project this year and that was to crush Covid-19, and we failed. On Wednesday, we had […]