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So I think we started with Peck’s Principia. Nice. Not thrilling. Long… but there was this one part I loved. The girls peeled off into three cocoon like things the shape of tall bird cages and when the chime played a dance would tap the top, they would […]

Hillary and Clinton

Starring Laurie metcalf and John Lithgow, what a treat. At the Golden Theatre, Orchestra left seat K1 could not have been better. Dad and Nancy were in town. We had lunch in Little Italy at Capri. We had a good Caesar salad, fried calamari, garlic toast and a […]

Ballet Again

It’s a few lovely trips to the NYCB for me. Tonight there are three Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Barber Violin Concerto and Diamonds A Peter Martins sandwiched between two Balanchines I know diamonds and love it. The other two are new to me This was so fun. And […]