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A lovely croquet monster at Cassis on the west side today on our way to ABT at Lincoln Center.  Th bread, from Tom Cat, was the best I’ve tried so far. On our walk home, on 60th Street there appeared a bakery, new to the neighborhood, Dinner at […]


Peruvian on 7th near Bleeker street and Big Gay Ice Cream! Enjoying a vodka the Peruvian way, with pisco rather than vodka- I’m advocating for a permanent change.

Another day

Another walk, another wrong turn, another library, somewhere I’ve wanted to go and… yes, a new and unexpected chocolate shop With Essex Street market in mind and I library book to return I hopped on the F train and got off at Delancey. I had wanted to go […]


I can’t say what the name has to do with anything but I do know this is a beautiful little chocolate shop with an amazing variety I skipped the bonbons altogether and went for nut sticks, caramels, a couple of whoopie pies.

IFC Center

I made it. After recovering from the port authority train/ bus debacle and deciding train I got on the wrong one, overshot by miles, got off , walked across the platform, backtracked one stop, did a flight of stairs, got on the correct line and here I am!! […]