Shopping in Richmond

I had 2 hours this morning with the car and the credit card and decided to see what sort of shopping is here. I began at the mall in Short Pump which has every store you every heard of. Picked up a few things I needed and a few I didnt and started asking around […]

Day 6 – The Glenstone

The weather was perfect, the day was great and Autumn is here!! We took the long way out to The Glenstone passing by some old farms and many new builds where it looks like old farms had sold out. Since we arrived early, there was enough time to head to a couple of bakeries. First […]

Day 5 – National Arboretum

Founders Kitchen near the White House for lunch, we did a drive by but saw nothing, then on to the National Arboretum for a tour of the Bonsai and the National Herb Garden if you can believe such a thing exists. The traffic is light in most places but the driving in DC is insane. […]

DC Day 4 – Great Falls Park

The Day started with a drive to Bethesda where we picked up some sushi at Raku. Wherever we were there were 100 restaurants to choose from and we could have sat outside but it was way too cold so we drove into a neighborhood and had lunch in the car. Then on to Great Falls […]

DC Day 3 – The Asian Museum

after much dithering we came to the asian museum today figuring that the mall would be fairly quiet as most museums are closed on Monday. We were right, it was quiet, we parked at the entrance, walked through with 11 other people and when we headed out onto the mall we were pleased there was […]

DC day 2 – Chesapeake Bay

A typical day, 5 hours in the car and the ultimate goal spot foiled. I cannot say that google didn’t warn us that Annamarie sculpture garden in Solomon was closed, but I chose to believe the gardens own web site – big mistake. Not that it wasn’t a perfectly lovely day and we have in […]

DC Day 1 – Georgetown

After waking up with our new Kitties we headed out to Tudor Place. An old house near Georgetown where 6 generations ago the slave holding owners had a relationship of some sorts with George and Martha Washington. When I write it it sounds more interesting than it was. Not that the house wasn’t lovely and […]


Having now been to York I can say that there is no reason to go to York. If you are passing through you might want to see if the Central Market is livelier than the day I was there. But other than that, I am not sure what the city has to offer. I may […]

It was a hunter gatherer day. I had no motivation but to get a good salami and some salad. perhaps we could also get something sweet. So we ran around to store after store, finding nothing satisfactory until we would up at Loyalist market. It was near Matthews, an entirely new part of town for […]