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Peking Duck for Dinner with the kids. I made the reservation weeks in advance as it appears that the prix fixe Peking Duck dinner is very much in demand. We were seated at a tight communal table in a basement on Hudson street. It was rainy and cold […]

Austin day 6. Thanksgiving

We had a reservation at the Hyatt on the river. It was a disaster. I complained. It was free. What a lovely brunch.  Kudos go out to Meagan at the Hyatt for really understanding. We walked from the condo over the bridge and along the greenway path to […]


We walked across the park to get to the Koch Theater at Lincoln Center today. To our delight it was open and the Hungarian National Ballet was going to perform. Three pieces the first, a couple, was fabulous. She with a stiffened body holding poses as he lifted […]

sous vide steak

we bought a heat gun, to brown our sous vide steak.  And we brought it to 110 degrees rather than the recommended 135 and it was perfect.  Many years ago when I was looking for the trick to make a great steak I stumbled onto America’s Test Kitchen. […]