Back to Darien

I started the day craving some gooey gooey pie so headed over the bridge to Happy Pappys, but they were out. Which left me desperately needing a craving satisfied. A quick google search turned up Lindas Cupcakes and More just 3 minutes away. Located in a not very impressive strip center I fell in love […]

Jekyll Island

Pretty tourist-bad meal at the wharf, but most places were closed and we didn’t do a good job searching out a place for lunch and will bring in Waffle House and make some burgers for dinner. But, we walked Driftwood Beach and there hasn’t been much more wonderful. Saw an Eagle, some jellyfish dug up […]

St Simons Island – Darien

If you are lucky enough to have fried shrimp for lunch while sitting under an old oak tree, wandering into a beautiful chocolate shop for dessert and finish the day with a walk on the beach, its hard to be anything but grateful. Today was one of those days. B and J Seafood in Darien […]

St Simons to Ebenezer and lots of Nowhere

And Ms. Jeans Fried Chicken. I have to say, it was a lot of driving and not much happening. We visited a series of small towns, or rather, we drove through and couldn’t find a series a small towns including Rincon, where Ms. Jeans was located, , on to Stillwell, Springfield, Berryville, Clyo and The […]

The faces of St Simons

The island is crowded with large old oaks and hanging moss. We went on a hunt of the faces carved into the trees. And then there were those trying to get into the act

Bluffton, GA

A 2 hour drive to get some Rio Bertolinni ravioli from a farmers market and fried oysters from Toomers Bluffton Seafood House? yes and well worth. A small market held on Thursday afternoons in a lovely little town full of galleries to wander. Big trees, lots of shade, a few places to eat, and a […]

St Simons A week in January 2022

I love it here. After just a day I am totally at home. I have walked the beach, which was full of people and their dogs and jellyfish The town has made an effort to have a trash free beach, meaning no trash cans on the beach, what you take in, you carry out. visited […]

St Augustine. A week in January 2022

Day 1 – I would never voluntarily set myself up for a trip to St Augustine but now that I am here and have taken a walk on the cold windy beach on this overcast day , I must say I LOVE IT. and then day 2 and 3 and 4 came and went and […]

Day 9 – Union Market St. Anselm

Ate outside in a hut at St Anselm, walked to Union Market. A place to return to. Had excellent bacon and Smashed potato for appetizer, shared a fatty prime rib and mashed potato for dinner, and a MARVELOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE and a really good malted ice cream Union Market was pretty quiet and it was […]

Shopping in Richmond

I had 2 hours this morning with the car and the credit card and decided to see what sort of shopping is here. I began at the mall in Short Pump which has every store you every heard of. Picked up a few things I needed and a few I didnt and started asking around […]