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A walk on the west side

    After the ballet rehearsal we found ourselves, or I found myself craving Croque Madame- off to Amelie we went. Afterwards we headed to the Equinox Printing House for a clean bathroom and on the way a quick stop at the chocolate shop Varsano’s. And you never […]


Saturday morning and we have no plan… Stay in the city, do a grocery run, its a beautiful day – maybe take a walk.  Well, somehow we both came up with Bethpage.  He decided because it was central on the island and we have done north and south, […]

90 Park Ave Walk

Coming down for lunch to meet a friend I left an hour to get here. I didn’t plot my route, just wandered in the direction. What I didn’t think of is that to get from 46th to 40th you walk through the Helmsley Building then through Met Life […]


As if we hadn’t done enough walking we found ourselves with tickets to works/process at the Guggenheim so off we trudged.  By the end off the day I had 17,658 steps clocked on my iPhone ( approximately).  As usual on the way we saw this and that, here […]

A walk past MOMA

With twenty minutes to spare on the way to the gym today I looked up to see I was just a few blocks from MOMA. So I pulled out my museum pass and went straight to the fifth floor. How nice it is to just bop in for […]

Riverside Park

Half the fun is planning a day, never really knowing how it will turn out or what we will do.  We searched the web for happenings in the city, for museum exhibits, for a new place to go.  We had a few ideas.  MAD had a green book […]

A walk in my neighborhood

A cool spring day, not really but close. The freezing temperatures have risen enough to make a leisurely stroll once again a pleasure. Honestly, I was reluctant to leave the house but oh sao glad i did. We walked down to the river- peeking into the grand houses […]

A Walk to Urbanspace Eating

Yesterday, another walk, another day of finding the unexpected, looking up, enjoying what I see and being happy to walk, and look and eat. I left the house with the intention of another new Library, this day the Grand Central, and then off to Grand Central Station to […]

SUNDAY socrates Sculpture Park?  no, not agin.. but Noodles for lunch at Hide Chan.  Brads first Ramen.. I don’t believe him but what am I to do.. how can someone not have ever eaten ramen.  We did the spicy, along with the delectable Edamame in garlic and butter, […]