To begin, it was a long drive – we had a fabulous dessert near Richmond at Dunbri’s – a little bit of a British theme and cakes, and soft serve and candies and and and-, and ok bbq at The Bone in Gainesville VA. Now, this morning I went out on my own, took a […]

Bern and Zurich

Day three. SUNDAY.   Heading out to the Paul Klee Museum in Bern we had little luck finding an open restaurant through our google search so with nuts and jerky in my pack we boarded the train.    The ride isn’t as beautiful as through the alps but it is interesting and has its moments. Today I […]

All the Trains to Sierre for Fondue

A day of train adventure. With our passes in hand and some reading behind us we thought rather than just heading out on one of the panoramic routes we would piece together our own day of mountains and train rides. Heading out of Baden about 9:30 am we took the trains to Zurich to Erstfeld to […]


What a day. Perhaps it’s been too long since I planned a day because not only did I forget to check the weather when I headed towards Basel today, but I forgot to check whether the 3 museums I was heading to were open. Spoiler alert – it rained and the museums are closed on […]

Museum of Glass

We had a big day and a lovely drive to the Museum of Glass. The museum was made up of three separate buildings. The first held a temporary exhibit of Christmas glass on the main floor and a permanent display of older glass upstairs. Entrance fee was 1.50 Euro so an absolute bargain for all […]

Casinha Velha and a drive to a castle

The absolutely most wonderfully amazing lunch, in the absolutely most wonderful and amazing setting. After a long drive up twisting turning roads to try to find a castle, after getting out of the car and walking up steep twisting turning roads to try to find a way to drive to the castle ( see car […]

Walking to ALTA for dinner

Night one here in Coimbra, Portugal, I decide we are too far from our restaurant of choice to walk so we drive from Santa Clara where we are staying, across the bridge and into Coimbra. We park on a side street and get out to walk the last 400 meters. I think to myself I […]

No Rain on Hampstead Heath, no sheep either.

A visit to Hampstead Heath is on the agenda and a google search brought me to this blog. With its many entries on Hampstead a good reading left me knowing this is a place to return to. SO as we head out for the day my expectations are high though my need to cover lots […]

Back in NY and did I ever wander

I am so happy to be back in NY. In the past couple of weeks I have eaten and shopped, walked and watched, stayed in, ordered in, seen the Ballet, gone to the Opera, visited museums and my daughter came to visit. But today stood out because I just explored, I was in the moment, […]