Movie – Never Look Away

As is my habit I skim something about a movie and if I think there is a chance I will like it I go. As was the case with Never Look Away. I arrived early at the Paris theatre across from the Plaza Hotel and selected seats in the balcony just behind and to the […]


An overwhelming documentary about the British fighting in WWI. The filmmaker voiced over original film from the Imperial War Museum archives What a great job. At times I felt I was there, or was heartbroken that these little boys where there. For old men’s insecurities and irrational fears. Ending with a few of the storytellers […]

Library of the Performing Arts – Jerome Robbins Movie

This was one of those things I love. As I try to learn all about dance and the history and the major artists involved I am lucky to have found the Library of the Performing Arts.  There are weekly programs with guest speakers, and archival film, and even sing alongs.   Its possible I am […]

The Sister’s Brothers

And Hudson Market bear the Landmark on 57th. Another MoviePass. Adventure The market looks great. A few food bars, a few made to order counters, and fresh looking veggies.


What a fun movie at the Quad. If you love these ladies: Judie Dench, Maggie Smith, Eileen Atkins, and Joan Plowright. The story goes that they get together at times for tea and this time they let the cameras in.

Wife starring Glenn Close

Another story of a woman, in a marriage, setting herself aside, for years, and years… Her portrayal is unsurpassed. Wife seems to be a small release film, or maybe it is just hitting limited theaters in NY but it was truly a great film.  Vanity Fair thinks she could get the Oscar.. for this, she […]

Puzzle, the Movie

Another good film showcasing another woman, in another marriage, with another family, living another life, yet the same.  Subverted by everything around her.. who is she?  Is this really her life? Puzzle was pretty slow going at times, hard to watch at others, as the story is so familiar. And the New York Times seems […]