I am officially in love with Michael Frayn.  Head-long was the first, then Skios, and now on my phone My Father’s Fortune which seems to be auto biographical.  And all a pleasure.

A Lesson in Art

As I struggle to make sense of art, its importance, its value, its purpose, I fell into Head-long and so much started to fall into place and become clear.  As you follow the plight of a painting, this novel brings you into detail and process and ponder.

Im loving reading  The Gentleman In Moscow.  I usually wait to share until I have finished a book.  But hey, Its my blog and I wanted to share.


The most fun I’ve had reading since Ella Minnow Pee. In this short novel the Queen finds herself , at the age of 80, reading for pleasure for the first time in her life. We follow the irritation of the court, The Queens quirky character, and her interactions. A quick read, and a delight.

Another Book by Rachel Cusk

Im still trying to figure out her message. I love the writing style. Her main character isn’t in many ways at all what the story is about yet she plays a central role. In this story, A writer, off to participate in a panel, meets along her way various characters. Just as in outline, the […]

Another by Rachel Cusk

Escaping her life, Stella finds herself companion to Martin, a young man confined to a wheelchair. From the British upper class, he shares his ancestral home with his parents. The people who pass through this tale seem to tell Stellas story. I cant describe the pleasure I had reading this.

What happens when a novelist travels from Britain to Greece to teach a week-long summer course on writing? Not a whole hell of a lot.   Fear not, there is a quite a lot packed in these pages. The narrator, Faye, is a very good listener and we are treated to all she takes in: […]

3 lives, 3 times, 3 continents….

Another fabulous read.  I thought I had had my fill of lives intertwined through centuries, but in The Last Painting of Sara De Vos it wasn’t love that tied things together, but a painting and the people entwined in its story.