Corn Soup Again

Trumps Lie of Empty Cupboard exposed, From the HuffPost A bit on the culture war and Mask Shaming. This time I added bacon to the mix. I sautéed the bacon in with the leeks. I think this was a mistake. Although it smelled amazing! Next time going to do the bacon, remove it, sauté the […]


Washington Post… Revenge of mask wearing Americans On the 67th day in Lockdown we made tuna. A dry piece of cold Tuna into a hot pan with a bit of Peanut Oil. Sear all sides… Remove from pan, add in a shallot finely chopped… allow to almost brown… 3 or 4 TBSP each of Mirin […]

The world has gone mad…and we made carbonara!

Funny photo for the day People refusing to wear masks, stores refusing customers entry if they are wearing a mask… freedom? Well, 1.5 million in the US tested positive so far, 100,000 dead and The NY Times has dedicated their front page to some of them and we went out to pick up a pillow […]

Windfalls for our president, creamy chicken for us

In my effort to put good food on the table and tiring of the same old same old I headed to YouTube and found a few recipes. I watched a few videos, tried a few things, and I know I still need to work at this one… Too wet, too little flavor… not enough flavor, […]

Chocolate Bunnies and Big Democratic ideas

Today I tried a recipe for a chocolate bundt cake that starts with a box of Devils food cake. I added 3/4 cups sour cream, and extra egg and a box of instant pudding. The bunnies don’t relaly come out great but they tasted fabulous. I forgot how much I enjoy reading Leonard Pitt’s . […]

Another try at Cake, 76,000 dead in the US, and we are opening????

This is another recipe that is supposed to be “Ultimate”. The secret ingredients are Mayonnaise, Guiness, and Espresso powder. And it is goooood!!! Found on Youtube during another all day binge watching session it made the cut of 3 cakes I wanted to try to make. I watched the video four times, printed it twice […]

Mini Bundt Cakes!! Gritty Ganache

Loving the stand mixer so very much. The biggest problem is what to do with all the baked goods if I were to bake every day so I have been entertaining myself searching out the best things to bake. For days I have wanted to make mini bundt cakes. A yellow cake with chocolate chips […]