Almost Pasta Alfredo

The broccoli was going bad, the spinach was what I was looking forward to and we had my favorite pasta, ronzoni cavatappi – so how to toss it all together? Ask YouTube for an Alfredo recipe. And in the end what did I do. A finely chopped onion softened in a large pan over medium […]

Pork some way and vote by mail

A pork roast is too big for two people so it will need to be cut in half. One half will go into a brine of salt and sugar, the other will become pork and scallions with onions in place of the scallions. This is the recipe: Slice pork into finger size pieces and marinate […]

Chinese Spare Ribs

One rack of ribs cut into 3 or four rib sections Drench them in marinade overnight and place in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes 1 bottle La Choy soy sauce 1/3 cup sugar 1/3 cup wine 1/2 cup water tsp Garlic powder Turn frequently, marinate 2 – 10 hours Baste, place curve down for […]

Chicken Paprikash and Protests? Really?

Ahhh, nothing is more calming than a good meal with a dipping sauce and this one, made by my mom was one of our favorites. Served to my dad with a crisp French bread adn my daughter with a soft challah, I like to just drag my noodles through it. where was I 6 weeks […]

Scallops wrapped in Bacon and a bit of Levity

Ok, I started preparing these before I had read a recipe… Thats sort of the way I do things. SO I had actually cut my bacon and wrapped it around the scallops and was planning just to marinade in a bit of soy and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Then I thought Hey, why […]

Protect the Nerds and I frosted the cake

OMG.. I haven’t ever baked before but the cakes turned out OK. Now time for frosting. With two goals in mind we set off to YouTube. First, I want to use my new mixer and second I want it to be a waster or user of time. It turns out that there is such a […]

String Beans

Simple, mix them with a diced onion, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Into a 350 degree oven until browning. I had no Almonds so just went with a bit of Parmesan cheese. I totally stole the recipe, embedded the Youtube and screenshot the photo. Another bonehead move by the Trump administration.. who are these clowns?

Hairy Leeks and Trumps Murderous Lie about the W.H.O.

I like these as an afternoon snack, and today was the day that finally all the ingredients came together. A lovely large leek Alfalfa Sprouts A package of Boursin Herb Cheese A jar of Apricot Jam Salt and Garlic Powder Cut off the tops and bottom of your leek. Slice along the side to open […]