A walk past MOMA

With twenty minutes to spare on the way to the gym today I looked up to see I was just a few blocks from MOMA. So I pulled out my museum pass and went straight to the fifth floor. How nice it is to just bop in for […]


Cavernous and appealing. We had a Ceasar with free anchovies and a scallop linguine in cream sauce. Both good A bit disappointing dessert of chocolate mousse cake and pretty dried out bread. Quickest service ever. No reason to return

Paul Taylor dance

First piece, half life , was modern which I normally don’t enjoy but at some point it began to look like movement to music and not like dance. Then eventide, more flowy and to my liking Finishing with Cloven Kingdom

Libraries at Lincoln Center

Amazingly there are two libraries at Lincoln Center, one on the plaza- The Library of Performing Arts and in back on Amsteradm is The Riverside Branch.  Riverside is an ordinary library and the only branch that seems to have a book drop box, they also have game afternoons […]


I just discovered smudging… not sure how i feel about it, perhaps soothed… Smudging is the act of using smoke from sacred herbs and flowers to cleanse and purify a person or a space. This ancient ritual is practiced by a myriad of cultures and dates back thousands […]


Last week when we had dinner with the kids at Fiorello was the first time I didn’t bring them a take home treat.. wouldn’t you know, Kate brought me something. Macarroons from Woops. I have to tell you they were my first ever macaroons and i like them, […]

Riverside Park

Half the fun is planning a day, never really knowing how it will turn out or what we will do.  We searched the web for happenings in the city, for museum exhibits, for a new place to go.  We had a few ideas.  MAD had a green book […]

Trip 2 – Great Neck

Off we went again on a test drive to see how we would RV. And again, success. The plan was to head out to Great Neck for a quick errand and build a day around it. Out came Good Sam and yelp and trip advisor and google – […]