Trip 2 – Great Neck

Off we went again on a test drive to see how we would RV. And again, success. The plan was to head out to Great Neck for a quick errand and build a day around it. Out came Good Sam and yelp and trip advisor and google – […]

Brian Brooks at the Joyce

I dont find all dance wonderful and I find myself questioning is this dance or body movement?  either way I was happy to have the chance of a free rehearsal, and delighted that Brian explained his vision, otherwise I wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on. […]


My situation is fairly unique. I have been living on my own in Miami in a beautiful four bedroom townhouse that I gutted and designed and love. About 8 months ago, on a whim, I moved up to New York City leaving all y worldly possessions in Miami […]

La Boite En Bois

Pronounce it charming.  We first spotted La Boîte En Bois a few weeks ago when we were over near Lincoln Center walking back from dinner.  We took a peek in and it was packed so we took a card and made a reservation.  Tucked downstairs on West 68th […]

Tulsa Ballet at the Joyce

We stayed through two intermissions to see what the Tulsa Ballet could do and we didn’t agree on which program we liked best.  I think it was Shibuya Blues and Brad thought Glass Figures but we did agree it wasn’t really ballet as we think of it, a […]


Prior to seeing ….at the Joyce we dropped in to Intermezzo for dinner.  I liked it.  A straight forward menu I had POLLO VALDOSTANA a  prosciutto and  spinach stuffed chicken breast, I ate every bite.

Plan One

A grocery store in Westchester. How hard could it be. We took out our trip planning guide, picked a store, found some sites along the way and tried it out. Could we plan together, enjoy going nowhere an doing nothing? could we adjust as plans changed? did we […]