Walter Reade Theatre

I cant believe I found yet another theatre, and one that takes the movie pass card.  I saw A Fantastic Woman in this clean, stadium seated theatre at Lincoln Center.  I cant say what the movie was about but I also should say go see it if you […]


Joining Equinox has changed my life.  I never thought of myself as a girl who would go to a gym but I am, everyday almost.  I swim, I stretch, I dance a bit, and am learning a bit about Barre and Pilates.  Each location is unique and they […]

Lisa See

Lisa See is the author of both Shanghai Girls and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, two books I really enjoyed.    Tea girl was just as good, perhaps better, I learned so much about Tea.

58th Street Library

This is the most ordinary library I think I have been to.  Its bright and convenient and while there I learned that there is a book group at one library or another every day of the week…. Too much to do, but when I am ready to make […]


I meant to say momofuko but it came out hatsuhana, so we met Sam and a friend there. Delightful. We ate upstairs. The decor was lovely, the place felt roomy, the stafff was attentive, and the kids guided me into a box of sushi. The food was lovely […]

The Bronx

Another neighborhood, another borough and I wasn’t happy. It was as bad as I had expected from the stories I recall from my childhood. Fort Apache the Bronx. Well, not that bad. We went to the movies and the theatre was really bad. Unclean, torn seats, the screen […]