A Walk with Bradley

Today was Brad’s first day out with me on one of my walking excursions. We had an ambitious plan. Start at Union Station and walk Broadway to 44th street ( Times Square) then head over to Park Ave for 10 more blocks then back over to Broadway and […]

Apple Store Classes

I knew that Apple was great, and I am currently coveting a big 15″ MacBook pro, but the thing that is wowing me is that they offer all these wonderful classes.  I accidentally sat in on “iPhone for beginners” the other day and learned a ton.  I started […]

Cooking Class

As an aside, when I was reading up on Roni Sue’s chocolates I stumbled onto Taste Bud’s Kitchen.  As I look for ways to explore to the City and meet new people, perhaps?

QQ Nails and a Village Walk

On Sunday I met Kate for a girls day ( mani- pedi style).  She selected a place down in the village and I have to say, four days in and I am pretty happy.  Reasonably priced, remarkably clean, and friendly.  QQ might be the nail place for me.


Today I tried out a new app.  MapMy Walk.  It isn’t everything I had hoped it would be (mostly because i cant figure out how to retrieve my walks), but it did provide me with ….. A map of my walk, at least the part where I remembered […]

A trip to Queens for Pianos

  we are going after pianos in a big way today   this is the plan for the day Quaint just seemed like a perfect place to stop for lunch. Its really a Piano hunt but since we are out in Queens we figured let’s check out the […]