Topsmead, Butler sculpture

It was about an hours drive down to Topsmead via the Butler Sculpture Park and on the way we stopped into Dennis Hill, a Connecticut state park, we got out in Norfolk where the town centers on an open public square with a view. We saw some interesting walls, small cemeteries and farming. Although Butler […]


Little Pond Boardwalk Trail, Whites Wood Rd, Litchfield, CT 06759. LOOP a part of the White Memorial Conservation Center, 80 Whitehall Rd, Litchfield, CT 06759 – “The Boardwalk” is an elevated 1.2 mile wooden walkway in White Memorial Conservation Center closes at 5, BUT THERE IS NO CLOSING ON THE BOARDWALK, THERE IS ALSO NO LIGHT […]

Kelsey’s Ballerinas & Thorncrest Chocolates

We got a late start and are first two stops have to compete for the headline. At Thorncrest Farm in Goshen they raise their own to cows to make their own chocolate and at Kelsey’s, well, the artist is right there so excited for a visitor, according to her she gets one or two a […]

Shelburne Falls !!!!!!!!!

There is no shortage of small and smaller farm stands to stop at as you drive the country roads. Corn is popular now as are pick your own blueberries.   Bartlett in Richmond has a bit of everything.  15 different varieties of tomato, a collection of rubs and sauces. All sorts of maple products including […]


We left the house bright and early, maybe 1:00 with a plan for a two hour drive or a three hour day bringing us back in plenty of time to pack a basket for dinner with YO-YO MA AND EMANUEL AXE.  well, the best laid plans or do they say  First stop lunch at Zinnias […]

Mass MoCA

What a great day, what an amazing place, could be my new favorite place in the world. Or at least this room could be Upon entering there was as sign indicating every hour there was a light show, unfortunately we were at the end of the day and missed it. Second favorite was a totally […]

Connecticut Barn Tour

yes, there really is an entire website dedicated to the Connecticut Barn Tour’s and we did part of the Northwestern one. I do love. good barn, a falling down barn, a red or white barn and we saw many today. Our first stop was not a barn but the town of Salisbury. Of course we […]

Jacob’s Pillow Alonzo King

Not a thrill. The theatre was nice, we were in seats K 10 & 12 which I would highly recommend for the indoor ( Ted Shawn) theatre at Jacob’s Pillow. But will not recommend Alonzo King. I still like dance to be pretty and the music un-disturbing. We did treat ourselves to a back road […]

A drive to Springfield

Just an hour away but with a host of Italian food shops and an asian grocery we figured it would be a nice drive and a new place, and since its going into the 90’s again today we certainly don’t want to be outside. This was the actual drive Lets start by saying we finally […]


We started a lazy day around the house which is charming, then off to Marketplace Specialty Foods and the Mielke chocolate shop across the street. The market looked fabulous,( UPDATE: not very good) was wonderful to be in and we selected a number of foods for takeaway but you can skip the chocolate shop. Although […]