Chinese Meatballs and don’t blame The Who or the Jews

Well, its catch up day and I am going back to April 6. Since about then I have been doom scrolling, my new word.. and was my life. But today I thought I woudl look back, catch up and add in some more recipes. I read my first mystery in years, Camino Winds and loved […]

Bad Brownies and trumps storm troopers in Portland?

I have been having a Brownie craving.. very serious. A need for chocolate, a bit fudgish and rich with walnuts. I made some wonderful brownies last week using a recipe from Tasty and wanted now to try one from The Preppy Kitchen but with my internet spotty I wound up with a recipe from Honeysuckle. […]

the frye festival of pandemic responses

the frye festival of pandemic responses And we have started shopping… wonderful things I didn’t know I needed… A large electric skillet. I started out with the fancy pretty All Clad and found that it didn’t hold a temperature so I moved over to the top rated Presto and I love it. I use it […]

Lydias Meat Loaf

The one thing I remember my mom stressing when making the meat loaf is not to overwork the meat, if you do she said, it will get hard. I use ground chuck because of its high fat content. Mix 2 pounds ground chuck with a cup of crushed saltines 1/2 cup grated parmesan – from […]

The grilled cheese experiment

Of course we use Anny’s Challah if we can though I suspect soon I will be baking ny own.. There is a lot of discussion about what makes a grilled cheese great, though it is agreed gooey is essential.. Mayo? Butter? garlic in the Mayo? and what kind of cheese.. today.. just butter and shredded […]

Corn Soup, South Beach, and a 3 month warning

As I sit every day, 9 weeks in and counting, 1.5 million infected here in the US and 93,000 plus dead my role is too stay home. Stay put, see no one, go nowhere. And I try… Yesterday we went out to Miami Beach, took a walk on Ocean Drive, but only for a block. […]

Magnificent Pretzels

So now we are playing with pretzel making… Boiled with baking soda, buttered and salted with pretzel salt… just need to figure out how to crisp them. protests in St Albans. 120,000 Americans Dead from Covid 19 sometimes someone just says it well… LaTosha Brown, a civil rights activist and co-founder of the Black Voters Matter […]

Table making & outrage in North Carolina

Who is trying to outlaw masks in North Carolina? The Republican Party. I swear. With 125,000 Americans dead the Republican Party has lost its mind, that is the only explanation. a look ahead at dirty tricks and republican manipulation. And the table….