Jessica Lang

Again at the Joyce last night.  For Jessica Lange who always amazes me.  The use of props, the beautiful music, the flowing dance… let me drown in it.  With Backhausdance it was a wonderful evening.

Body Traffic at The Joyce

This program offers two exciting, young troupes: Los Angeles’ sleek and crowd-pleasing BODYTRAFFIC alongside the swing, jazz, and tap ensemble Caleb Teicher & Company. And of course I loved the Body traffic group pieces, I was ho hum about the Swing as I thought to myself, i know […]

Noah’s Compass

Another good read from Anne Tyler.  Liam, an aging, but not elderly man meets a young woman, Eunice and falls in love.  His estranged wife and daughters play there part after Liam is attacked in his new apartment and recalls nothing of the event.


At the Cinema Village on 12th Street.  A Chinese love story, a dance troupe, the death of chairman Mao.  I loved the dancing, the learning, the fact that I don’t ever recall seeing a movie out of China before.  At the cutest theater.

Eating close to home

Parnell Bar… brick pressed chicken, a shepherds pie, neighbors who live part time in Rome, and a strong drink. And a lovely older couple with walkers, hers with skis on. A greta choice for a casual close dinner. Recommended to us for a good burger was Pig and […]

Eating Close to Home

It was really cold last night and I have wanted to try the places nearby hoping to find a favorite so we walked a block to a lovely, little, crowded, greek place with excellent potatoes. Also good were the lamb chops and fish. I would say Under The […]