ABT Studio Rehearsal

One of my favorite things is Ballet.  Dance I like but its too general a description.  I like the flow, and the beauty of traditional ballet.  Since moving to NY my thrill is ABT, American Ballet Theatre, and as a Patron I received an invitation to visit the […]

Lobby Hero

At The Helen Hayes Theatre. I never would have seen this on my own, to be honest I had never heard of it when my son urged me to get tickets.  The four of us laughed our way through though it wasn’t just comedy.  The audience witnessed the […]


Saturday morning and we have no plan… Stay in the city, do a grocery run, its a beautiful day – maybe take a walk.  Well, somehow we both came up with Bethpage.  He decided because it was central on the island and we have done north and south, […]

Tao Downtown

We went to see Ballet Hispanica at The Joyce last night and they were good, not the great I had remembered.  But beforehand we had dinner at 92 9th Avenue at a wow sort of place called Tao Downtown. No words could describe the room and no  image […]

Got my mani pedi today

I found a nail salon today.. that is a New York experience. Issa, on the second floor at 800 Lexington, what a business.  Wow, a never ending parade of women in and women out.  130 dollars for shellac mani pedi with a 20 minute massage and acrylic fills. […]

Tom Gold Dance

At the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College.  Three dancing lilies, a black and white set.  For an unheard of dance company in an obscure theatre, with half the seats empty – It was great.  At first we weren’t sure if they actually had talent or if the choreography […]