IFC Center

I made it. After recovering from the port authority train/ bus debacle and deciding train I got on the wrong one, overshot by miles, got off , walked across the platform, backtracked one stop, did a flight of stairs, got on the correct line and here I am!! […]

Electrical problems

On the subway. I got caught in it today. After careful planning to return to the Hudson branch library on Leroy street in the village I every so carefully left the house with an hour of dawdle time to spare. When the train got to port authority it […]

East Village for Dinner

Early in the planning stage for my day, while checking out OCD chocolate, the east village library branches and squish marshmallow I started looking around for dinner spots.  Being a fan of the mac and cheese, and Brad a fan of the cheese plate , I was drawn […]


Squish Marshmallow, oh my.  This evening got a bit confused.  We were to dine on serendipity ice cream, then the discussion turned to what was for dinner after… perhaps Peter Llugar.  But that got set aside when there and every other steak house in town was fullup.  So.. […]

OCD Chocolates

This is the place with the $6 square of cake.  Must return for the flying saucer.  Everything was gorgeous, Sebastian, the candy maker- interesting.  Walk over – wonderful.  Could be the best so far.  Must gather in a few of my faves and do a side by side. […]

A Walk to Urbanspace Eating

Yesterday, another walk, another day of finding the unexpected, looking up, enjoying what I see and being happy to walk, and look and eat. I left the house with the intention of another new Library, this day the Grand Central, and then off to Grand Central Station to […]

The Best Chocolate

I may have found it.  Neuhaus Chocolate has three shops in the city.  Yesterday on my walk I stumbled across one.  and yay!!!  I am so happy, it was so good.  Gives Li-Lac a run for its money, though they are different stores and different experiences I would […]

Anjappar Chettinad

who can figure out how to say it and who knows what i ate but it was great.  Not liking curry and generally not feeling it for Indian food it was not without trepidation that I sat to order.  After a rough start I settled on Chicken Keema […]