Social Creatures

I really cannot remember the last time I read a book that i enjoyed less. It was one of those stories that had my heart pounding. And I didn’t give one hoot about anyone,I just wanted it to end. It was for another generation, the FOMO generation I […]


It’ probably a good thing that I am not left in charge of picking restaurants. Tho the food at Ichibantei was passable, with good fried chicken, it wasn’t really a restaurant, more of a bar, with windows pushed open to the street.

A Piece of the World

I found a Piece of the World on a number of lists. This one from the BBC is the one that reminded me what the book was about. Im awful that its been 3 weeks and my mind was a total blank but as soon as they said […]


Apparently that’s where I am. I read some review in the Times and had the free tone so I thought “go see something they recommend ‘ so Symphonie Fantastique is it A small theatre, inside pretty makeshift, seat E15 on the aisle in case I need to make […]

Lucinda Childs Dance Company

Mostly Mozart at Jazz at Lincoln Center. A completely new experience. You enter the mall and take an elevator up to the 5th floor where you exit into a huge open space with fabulous views, high ceilings, and a collection of interesting options to view. Photos of who […]