Canal Street Collective

When I was heading down to the Dim Sum Luncheon I took the 6 subway to canal street. Listening to  with the calls of “want a purse lady” and “Rolex watches” I turned to find this charming market.  One side food, the other a variety of food kiosks.  I […]

Levain Bakery

AWHere will you find Levain?  On West 74th Between Amsterdam and Columbus. But closer to Amsterdam.  Look for the line leading down under…. The gooiest, sweetest, yummiest.  They have other locations so check to see if one is in your part of town.

Bistro Vendome

58 street between Sutton and first.  Best to go when the back patio is open and enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets.  Grab dinner alone at the bar or enjoy a fabulous fresh meal in the neighborhood.