East Village

This could be my third trip to the east village or my eighth. Im still trying to figure it out. Seems there is this area I keep returning to at about 2nd avenue and 14th street. Walk a bit south and maybe a drop west and you get […]


Met the kids for dinner in the East Village… As i wandered along first avenue, at about 11/12th streets I saw a sign.. son cones, chocolate, and the pink sugar fluff stuff.. Handsome Dan’s was calling my name.  With walls lined with jars of swedish fish, chocolate covered […]

Crunchy Fried Chicken

Went to The Smith last night for dinner.  Trying to get to know the neighborhood.  Whats amazing is that I ha don idea where I was.  I keep visiting the East Village and having no idea where I am.  I’m hoping that will eventually change. The Smith was […]


Just because I didn’t make it to Bushkill Falls doesn’t mean i didn’t have a great day.   Driving from Philadelphia to New York City can take a couple of hours, or it can take all day.  We took all day, it was lovely.  Windy roads, hills, trees, […]


met my darling boy tonight at Taverna Kyclades in the east village. A new block, a new street, and glorious food and company.   On my second visit I had to say I was thrilled and disappointed.  The Kyclades Special platter was a complete disappointment but the fries […]