Perhaps we have hit the most authentic or at least designed for locals soup dumpling shop Located in a tiny rustic storefront in flushing we are the only diners at 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon. The menu is a challenge. The young waitress has a complete command […]

Shanghai Asian Manor

Once again today it is a search for the Xiao Long Bao. And I searched out a new list. Written by a native of Shanghai his purpose was to find the most authentic Xiao Long Bao. His top rated was The Bao which we discovered serves these soup […]

Back in The City

Last month we went to London, from there a few days into Miami turned into a few weeks. What a lovely thing to arrive back to the city and walk and wander and just be here. OUR WANDERINGS STARTED AT THE PHILLIPS GALLERY, I LOVE THE HUGE CHESS […]

A Most Amazing Day

Corrado Bakery has good bread and a nice chocolate mousse I met the Curator from the Lucio Fontana show at the Met Bruer I learned all about Pierre Bonnard I watched a wonderful documentary on HBO The Price Of Everything I recorded as I stood in the met […]

Museum of Contemporary Art- Chicago

Small and bright this was my first trip into the MCA tucked behind Water Tower Place. We saw a few exhibits and wandered the building. The highlight was a small Jeff Koons Alexander Calder Exhibit that barely filled a room. I actually really enjoyed the ENRICO DAVID: GRADATIONS […]