Kips Bay

When a day is great don’t fight it, and yesterday was one of those days.  I kept looking, kept walking, kept looking up and kept flashing my camera at all that was interesting.  I headed out with the idea to pick up my books from the kips bay […]

67th street library

Library #3.  And what a treat.  On my way I found a bakery, nothing special but still good… I had been there before and liked the brownie if i recall, Yesterday I tried a bobka- not thrilled. So.. the library.  Just walking up made me happy.  There were […]

Take Out

Between 66 and 67th streets on second avenue is the mini deli.  On a whim and suffering from ‘what will i eat next’ I popped in to see what I might eat next.  Lots of choices including a faux antipasto bar I settled on spinach and a lemon […]


Found on my excursion to pick up a book at the 67 street library i couldn’t help but walk into the Padoca Bakery on the corner of 68th and 2nd.  I wasn’t so happy with the bobka today but do remember enjoying the brownie.  

City Cinemas Paris Theatre

  Along with visiting every borough and neighborhood I expect I will visit every movie theatre in New York.  I have wanted to go to The City Cinemas Paris Theatre outside the Plaza Hotel since i first noticed it a few months ago.  there was a premiere for […]

NYCB Orchestra Rehearsal

I will say it again.  Becoming a member of the new York City Ballet is the best deal in town.  Along with Four ballet rehearsals you can also enjoy an orchestra rehearsal.  Seated in the fronts orchestra we were treated to talk about the music by a lovely […]

Tried another Noodle Spot

Turns out it is owned by Hide Chan, which is upstairs.  The thing tat distinguishes the two places is that Upstairs they used pork soup, and downstairs, one of chicken. To me though, the difference is that here at Totto Ramen they have dumplings in a fried chicken […]

SUNDAY socrates Sculpture Park?  no, not agin.. but Noodles for lunch at Hide Chan.  Brads first Ramen.. I don’t believe him but what am I to do.. how can someone not have ever eaten ramen.  We did the spicy, along with the delectable Edamame in garlic and butter, […]

Ahhh, another day without a visit to the Socrates Sculpture Garden, and what a lovely day it turned out to be. I was in the mood for views, and cliffs and a little walk amongst the trees.  Getting an early start we stopped in the afternoon at Rockefeller […]

East Village

This could be my third trip to the east village or my eighth. Im still trying to figure it out. Seems there is this area I keep returning to at about 2nd avenue and 14th street. Walk a bit south and maybe a drop west and you get […]