Go Noodle Nine Moon

very good boneless spareribs, perfectly fine fried pork dumpling. so much chinese take out as I get ready to leave town.

NYCB Rehearsal

Tarantella.. Seems like it will be wonderful, we saw just a tiny excerpt then onto a real working rehearsal for Dances at a Gathering which i saw the other night, how much more wonderful with costumes and lighting, still, i do enjoy the experience of a rehearsal.

Shakespeare In The Park

much ado about nothing – amazing. The delacorte in the park is a wide open and small theater but lovely. As we sat the sun set and the stage lit up for this all black modern take on the play.. with singing and dancing and I am so glad I did this.


Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet – what a wonderful big pink afternoon. Just gorgeous costumes. Beautiful dance. And big music. Tachaikovsky Suite No. 3. –

Parsons Dance a the Joyce

Another who never disappoints. Round My World: And yes, they actually kept to the theme of round in ways I didn’t think humanly possible Hand Dance: Was just that.. ten minuted of hands dancing.. Wow! you gotta love it!! Eight Women: Wasn’t really eight women but eight dancers to the music of my youth. Caught: […]