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And I cook.  Nothing extravagant but still yummy.

  • Pork and the crazy of our president - So a couple of days ago these things were in the news… Like many of her fellow experts in pandemic response, Rivers has watched with growing dismay as the Trump administration and its governor outriders have missed multiple opportunities to contain the virus. – from the guardian.. another, and very well written examination of the […]
  • Is there a future for the Republican Party. - When trump was elected and it became clear who and what he was (clearer?) I hoped perhaps a new Republican Party would emerge. one of social liberalism, fiscal conservatism. Now I find myself hoping for a discussion about Gross Domestic Happiness as opposed to GDP… Last night I went to bed wanting a really good […]
  • King Arthur Brownies and a full day - And when I say a full day I mean I made lunch, and dinner, and brownies, I ran 2 loads of dishes, washed 10 pots/bowls/ who knows what. there were Chinese Fish Sauce chicken wings which were amazing, as always. Just lay them out on a try, let them sit in stinky fish sauce for […]
  • Lydias Meat Loaf - The one thing I remember my mom stressing when making the meat loaf is not to overwork the meat, if you do she said, it will get hard. I use ground chuck because of its high fat content. Mix 2 pounds ground chuck with a cup of crushed saltines 1/2 cup grated parmesan – from […]
  • The grilled cheese experiment - Of course we use Anny’s Challah if we can though I suspect soon I will be baking ny own.. There is a lot of discussion about what makes a grilled cheese great, though it is agreed gooey is essential.. Mayo? Butter? garlic in the Mayo? and what kind of cheese.. today.. just butter and shredded […]
  • Corn Soup, South Beach, and a 3 month warning - As I sit every day, 9 weeks in and counting, 1.5 million infected here in the US and 93,000 plus dead my role is too stay home. Stay put, see no one, go nowhere. And I try… Yesterday we went out to Miami Beach, took a walk on Ocean Drive, but only for a block. […]
  • Huevos Estrellados - I first had huevos estrellados on Miami Beach and I fell in love. Crispy jagged potatoes, carmelized onions, chunks of chorizo topped with a fried egg! What, I ask you, is not to love about that? There is no one way to make this dish. Any fried potato or oven baked will do, it’s ups […]
  • Brownies - There is this funny boy who has a YouTube channel, his name is David Seymore and he is adorable. This lead me to the Tasty website for the brownie recipe and their Youtube channel. And I am hooked. On both. I used my curly Brownie pan which makes lots of edge, and with a heavy […]
  • Snickerdoodles - Yum.. the first of two recipes I am committed to trying. These from Preppy Kitchen made 24 cookies. and we popped some in the freezer so when I try a second version we can do a side by side comparison. And … yes, its worse today than yesterday...
  • Thai Basil Chicken & The Lawless Law and Order President - With Basil from our garden. Equal parts Sweet Dark Soy and Oyster sauce, and a bit less fish sauce, 1/2 as much regular soy, 4 crushed cloves garlic, hot peppers, 2-3 shallots sliced thin. Start shallots, add chicken ( cut to almost ground) add 1/2 sauce til chicken is brown. Stir in peppers and garlic, […]
  • Seafood Chowder…and the worst week any of us can remember as deaths surpass 100,000 in the U.S. - Fish Soup – in honor of Judie, who eats all my offerings and loves me no matter how fat I try to make her… Hugs Judie, and thank you. SO it started when I asked Judie if there was anything special she would like and she forwarded on a recipe from Bon Appetit for Seafood […]
  • Corn Soup Again - Trumps Lie of Empty Cupboard exposed, From the HuffPost A bit on the culture war and Mask Shaming. This time I added bacon to the mix. I sautéed the bacon in with the leeks. I think this was a mistake. Although it smelled amazing! Next time going to do the bacon, remove it, sauté the […]
  • Tuna - Washington Post… Revenge of mask wearing Americans On the 67th day in Lockdown we made tuna. A dry piece of cold Tuna into a hot pan with a bit of Peanut Oil. Sear all sides… Remove from pan, add in a shallot finely chopped… allow to almost brown… 3 or 4 TBSP each of Mirin […]
  • A Tart and a great quote about our president … “Lacking qualities we associate with responsible adulthood” - Trumps bullying cannot disguise his weakness… from the Washington Post and as we made our tart we got to play with so many of our new toys… I have never rolled a pie dough, or mixed in butter with my hands, or made a tart or anything like it before. How terribly intimidating … from […]
  • The world has gone mad…and we made carbonara! - Funny photo for the day People refusing to wear masks, stores refusing customers entry if they are wearing a mask… freedom? Well, 1.5 million in the US tested positive so far, 100,000 dead and The NY Times has dedicated their front page to some of them and we went out to pick up a pillow […]
  • Windfalls for our president, creamy chicken for us - In my effort to put good food on the table and tiring of the same old same old I headed to YouTube and found a few recipes. I watched a few videos, tried a few things, and I know I still need to work at this one… Too wet, too little flavor… not enough flavor, […]
  • 2 tries at Levain cookies and Trump is threatening to withhold funds from states - 1.5 million infected, more than 95,000 included in the list of dead and we are locked in the house for 9 weeks now. Have 2 stand mixers ( one will go to my daughter) and 14 spatulas. Mostly in this house it is all about what to cook next.. and after that… and then maybe […]
  • Chocolate Bunnies and Big Democratic ideas - Today I tried a recipe for a chocolate bundt cake that starts with a box of Devils food cake. I added 3/4 cups sour cream, and extra egg and a box of instant pudding. The bunnies don’t relaly come out great but they tasted fabulous. I forgot how much I enjoy reading Leonard Pitt’s . […]
  • Another try at Cake, 76,000 dead in the US, and we are opening???? - This is another recipe that is supposed to be “Ultimate”. The secret ingredients are Mayonnaise, Guiness, and Espresso powder. And it is goooood!!! Found on Youtube during another all day binge watching session it made the cut of 3 cakes I wanted to try to make. I watched the video four times, printed it twice […]
  • Mini Bundt Cakes!! Gritty Ganache - Loving the stand mixer so very much. The biggest problem is what to do with all the baked goods if I were to bake every day so I have been entertaining myself searching out the best things to bake. For days I have wanted to make mini bundt cakes. A yellow cake with chocolate chips […]