AROMAS DEL PERU, how have we waited so long to try you. Pisco Sours, Fried corn with green sauce, a fish fry, and the most delectable piece of Corvina – cooked and spiced to perfection. Paper napkins would be my only hesitation… but those of you who know me know I have developed the habit […]

No Name Chinese

in south miami and i won’t be going back.  With a terribly limited menu and an aftertaste to most of the dishes that I found distasteful this overpriced chinese restaurant is not making it to the top 25.  A limited menu, a pretty, well designed place which has so much potential fell flat.


OMG.   OMG.    OMG. And it only gets better. When we pulled up I thought, looking at the neighborhood, that even I might not want to get out of the car.  But this was wonderful.  Perfect in every way.  Cloth napkins, salt on the table, a huge wheel of Parmesian cheese with honey and bread […]

Tabernia de Ignacio

I love Wednesday nights. I never know what might happen or where we might end up. Tonight we were stuck up in Hialeah and Todd had selected this nearby place which he passes regularly, a little Spanish place that we really enjoyed. The food was superb. We both had fish and I had a garlic […]

ELLA’S Oyster Bar

1615 SW 8th Street.   Opening Night Tonight I’m upgrading the blog, wish me luck.  I’m going to try for photos in real time. Here at Ella’s Everything was stupendous!  Thats the best recommendation you are going  to get from me.

Bocas House

We have discovered Doral and are loving it.  This past Wednesday we ate at this family friendly plain old restaurant.  What a joy.  No style, no theme, just good food and a great looking menu. Oh yeah, and cloth napkins and an amazing dessert.  Unfortunately the salt was too thick to shake from their shakers […]


http://ocio.miami Behind the miami airport, in an industrial neighborhood sits this charming Italian restaurant. Decorated with care and a unique eye, even the menu looks original.  And the food was fabulous.  The service friendly and something about the place sets it apart.


The chicken skin skewer at dinner- there has never been a better flavor.  tEverything is great, pretty setting , great menu, delicious food. That about says it all.  An unusual upscale asian place in Downtown Doral.  I love Dragonfly and have been back a few times and enjoyed every thing i have tried.


You either like it here or you dont.  For me, you can’t beet the mongolian beef and the fried rice.  The rest is always just chinese and not interesting.  So last night i decided to try shrimp in lobster sauce, and it was surprisingly good.