Fratelli Milano

downtown.  Everything was good and i do love going to new places every week.  But our rule is we never repeat a place.  so unless it is outstanding its usually just the once,  and this one is not convenient enough to return to, tho everything really was marvelous.


One of the best steakhouses I have ever been to and yet i dont’ hear of anyone going.


FRIED CHICKEN, need i say more? a little beer joint with barrels for tables sort of place.


With a great reputation you can get fish, oysters, a good vegetable, and service.  This place seems to have it all.   With a casual feel, nothing fancy.

Toscano Divino

This was one of those odd picks.  Todd usually chooses something off the beaten path for wednesday nights.  Im nt sure how he came u with this.  Perhaps because it was a beautiful night and we wanted to be outside.  SO here we were in the heart of Mary Brickell Village enjoying the people watching […]

Sakaya Kitchen

Midtown… Brussel Sprouts.  and everything else.  totally casual, pretty quick, come for the food.. its really fast food in a much more pleasant atmosphere.  i would give 4 stars to Sakaya Kitchen.  For what it is , they couldn’t do better.

Proof I wasn’t thrilled here. its a nice enough little place with a nice enough tho mall menu and a pleasant outdoor seating area.  Perhaps i need to give it another try. There was nothing bad about it, tho i hated the fried dessert.  I guess that means there was something bad about it.