Books and Books

Yes, its a book store but the Cafe is great.  Its a must visit if you are in the gables, tho he also has locations at the Arsht Center, on the Beach and a few others.  Sitting on the Patio in the gables, enjoying a great sandwich, coffee and a really good dessert, surrounded by […]

Ocio Behind the miami airport, in an industrial neighborhood sits this charming Italian restaurant. Decorated with care and a unique eye, even the menu looks original.  And the food was fabulous.  The service friendly and something about the place sets it apart.

Havana Harry’s

Good Ol’ Havanna Harry’s.  Always good. Never having been to Havanna I can’t say how authentic it is here but i can tell you that all day every day people are enjoying an abundance of food at a good price .  All full flavored and amazing desserts.  


at Merrick park has become a new favorite.  Its so lovely to sit outside in a pretty though unnatural setting.  The food is great and varied, the service usually good tho never great. .  In my mind this is meant to be a relaxing place to waste away some time over good food with a […]

Trust & co

Near fritz and frans in coral gables .  you can get a good meal here.  The service is fine.  It didn’t make an impression on me.


The chicken skin skewer at dinner- there has never been a better flavor.  tEverything is great, pretty setting , great menu, delicious food. That about says it all.  An unusual upscale asian place in Downtown Doral.  I love Dragonfly and have been back a few times and enjoyed every thing i have tried.

The Local

I was first to the Local with a group of six.. the perfect size group to eat there.  great sharing plates arrived one after the other and each was tasty.  You can also get a good burger, great Fries and i like the chicken dumpling soup.  On Giralda in the Gables.  Be cautioned- they have lunch […]

la Boulangerie

The perfect lunch spot.  Located on the curve on Coral Way.  You can get anything.. sandwiches, salads, my favorite the fungi pasta.  and dessert!  cakes, and croissant and pudding.

Sapore Di Mare

The hardest part about never going back to a Wednesday night restaurant together is that sometimes you find a nice little one close to home, in the grove , that you know is good and you want to go again.  But time passes, you pass by every so often, say you will go back, but […]