Another nice Wednesday night find I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.  On Main Highway in the grove we took Emma ( the puppy) out to dinner and found ourselves at a lovely outdoor table where i could watch all the action in the Grove.  Dinner was good.  I would go back.  It might not be my […]


Trendy in Wynwood, but good.  The fried rice bowl is to be experienced.  The service so slow, but friendly and the manager happily solved whatever problems were happening.  I would go back . 786-577-0150

Fratelli Milano

downtown.  Everything was good and i do love going to new places every week.  But our rule is we never repeat a place.  so unless it is outstanding its usually just the once,  and this one is not convenient enough to return to, tho everything really was marvelous.


FRIED CHICKEN, need i say more? a little beer joint with barrels for tables sort of place.


I have eaten here a few times and yeah, its good enough, but i never get that urge to go back.  So, i order the Basil Duck to go and I’m happy.

Il forno

Back to Doral… I’m still not sure what or where it is but its fifteen minutes north on the palmetto?? maybe?  and filled with good food. The large room was anchored by a wood fired oven.  The tables were well spaced, the patrons all happy.  Great drinks, good food, good service. I had a veal […]

Love is Blind

off the beaten path in coral gables its really a fun place to take an out-of -town guest  I t really feels like a ‘cool’ miami placebo go without having to go to the beach  

Proof I wasn’t thrilled here. its a nice enough little place with a nice enough tho mall menu and a pleasant outdoor seating area.  Perhaps i need to give it another try. There was nothing bad about it, tho i hated the fried dessert.  I guess that means there was something bad about it.


Home Very popular tapas place in the gables.  I like it very much but don’t go often.  there are too many other places to try.