Finding a supermarket where the aisles are clean, the produce is fresh, and the quality of selection is generous has been a problem for the past few months. Given this, I am on a search for a great market out of the city to ride to on the weekend.  A few weeks ago we went […]

Italian near Lincoln Center

Yum.  Il Violino, a few blocks north of lincoln center was the perfect spot to grab a great bite before the Opera.  A small ceasar with capers(?) and not quite enough dressing was saved by a small plate of cheese and a plate of anchovies.  The lamb was good but the Mashed Potatoes maybe a […]

Italian on 53rd

When looking for a place to eat I sometimes just have a direction.. Tonight I wanted to see what we could find on 53rd Street.   I was here a few months ago and between 2nd and 3rd Avenue this street is packed with restaurants,  and an Insomnia cookie.  After reviewing a few menus we […]


Why I am not a regular here I don’t know.  I have eaten here twice, its in the neighborhood, the price is right, the place is comfortable and the food really is very good. A step up Italian eatery with a varied menu…the chicken viola was unique, delicious and there was a big enough portion […]

Caffe Vialetto

Hands Down my favorite, even though they don’t have a dessert I love.  For the first two years I came here I got the Papparadeli Short Ribs.  I had tasted it and knew nothing could compare.  Then one night I tried a piece of fish with risotto, then I tried the short rib, then another […]

Basilico in Doral

This place was on its way to being my new favorite when we went on a Wednesday night three years ago.  But then i went back,  and so not my favorite, just ordinary,  not so great the second time

Ocio Behind the miami airport, in an industrial neighborhood sits this charming Italian restaurant. Decorated with care and a unique eye, even the menu looks original.  And the food was fabulous.  The service friendly and something about the place sets it apart.


I have always gone at someone else suggestion and never been unhappy.  Last time I was here I tried the ribs.  I must say, they give the wings a run for their money.  A neighborhood pizza place.  I could take it or leave it.  


I have gone  back and forth on DiNapoli for years.  My first experience was bad, then years later I returned and it was fine.  I have been twice in the past year and taken out twice, all good.  So, for neighborhood Italian its a good choice.  You have to choose it over Papa Piccolo ( […]