Libraries at Lincoln Center

Amazingly there are two libraries at Lincoln Center, one on the plaza- The Library of Performing Arts and in back on Amsteradm is The Riverside Branch.  Riverside is an ordinary library and the only branch that seems to have a book drop box, they also have game afternoons on Thursdays…Monopoly anyone? Now, The Library of […]

58th Street Library

This is the most ordinary library I think I have been to.  Its bright and convenient and while there I learned that there is a book group at one library or another every day of the week…. Too much to do, but when I am ready to make friends, this might be the first place […]

Jefferson Market Library

Wow.  The most beautiful Building, inside and out. The day began with a flurry of activity and only at the last minute did I decide to venture out.  To the movies of course.  To see Faces, Places at The Quad Cinema… more on that later. I took the train to Union Square, a bit of […]

67th street library

Library #3.  And what a treat.  On my way I found a bakery, nothing special but still good… I had been there before and liked the brownie if i recall, Yesterday I tried a bobka- not thrilled. So.. the library.  Just walking up made me happy.  There were a few people outside on the phone, […]