Shula Burger

In Pinecrest and I hate to pan it as we desperately need good eats down here.. but.. It was bad.  A skinny well done burger, a tough steak sandwich, nothing special in the fries or dessert department.  I suppose its a step up from McDonalds and down from Fridays

American Social

Home Brickel, on the water, eat outside. we relaxed , we enjoyed.   It seems to be a ‘happening’ happy hour place.  the clientele were the young and the beautiful.

Sweet Dog

We go high and we go low and we go everyplace in the middle. This was low.  Four seats at the counter for a decent dog and mac&cheese.  My dad is an arbiter man, i grew up on Nathan’s in Yonkers and this doesn’t come close.


I have always gone at someone else suggestion and never been unhappy.  Last time I was here I tried the ribs.  I must say, they give the wings a run for their money.  A neighborhood pizza place.  I could take it or leave it.  

Mr. Yum

Mr Yum is one of these little sushi places that seems to have always existed.  Out on 8th street i didn’t like Mr. yum the first few times i was there.  Now, I’m ok with it.  I think  you just need to know how to order and not have high expectations.

Cutler Bay Sports Bar and Grill

Todd doesn’t usually blow it so I hate to say it was bad, But it wasn’t good.  I have to say we were so hopeful.  It would have been so wonderful to have a great everyday place right in the neighborhood, but that went to be.  


Across from miami smokers.  Another latin hole in the wall

Georges in South Miami

I do not understand the fuss.  Its a popular place with people bleeding out onto the streets on a saturday evening.  The food is almost average, the service and atmosphere must be the draw.  I wouldn’t go back. Eat next door at the sports grill.

IronSide Pizza

Tucked away in an interesting little shopping plaza in Little River is this tiny gem. Not being a pizza lover i had a bit of difficulty selecting but the people around us were regularly and all enjoying. The service was spotty, but the setting was lovely, perhaps come on a cool day, sit on the […]