Trip 2 – Great Neck

Off we went again on a test drive to see how we would RV. And again, success. The plan was to head out to Great Neck for a quick errand and build a day around it. Out came Good Sam and yelp and trip advisor and google – searching best bakery, best lunch with a […]


My situation is fairly unique. I have been living on my own in Miami in a beautiful four bedroom townhouse that I gutted and designed and love. About 8 months ago, on a whim, I moved up to New York City leaving all y worldly possessions in Miami and moving into an apartment my parents […]

Plan One

A grocery store in Westchester. How hard could it be. We took out our trip planning guide, picked a store, found some sites along the way and tried it out. Could we plan together, enjoy going nowhere an doing nothing? could we adjust as plans changed? did we want to stop and do the same […]

Art Parks

This book is available from amazon and Im reading it cover to cover, I want to see them all. Can I possibly just plug in each park to my RV trip planner and they will show up when we travel near them? It would be nice. But for now I am at the stage where […]

Where do you get ideas of where to go?

I have always pulled articles and tagged web pages of interesting places i have read about or seen.  I have bought some books and saved some pamphlets and I have a hope list and a wish file.  Sadly, I have no idea where most of this stuff is so we are starting from scratch. But […]

How do you plan an RV trip

Again, as with buying or traveling in an RV I know nothing.  I have planned a few road trips, but never something extended.  Last year we drove in two days up to see the Eclipse in North Carolina from Miami. And a few years back we winged it from Miami to Santa Fe.. but a […]

Our search for the perfect rv

do we want to haul around 44 feet of class A luxury – and a tow car? Or buy ourselves a big truck and pull a fifth wheel behind us? or settle into 24 tiny feet of space? Or will we find some other solution. Its 2018 and we are getting serious about leaving.. our […]

Scarsdale Disappointment and fun

The day was planned to go to DiCicco’s market in Cross River.  We used our new Good Sam rv trip planner and found sone fun places to stop on the way.  First stop, in the town of Hartsdale ( where I grew up) was the Copper Kettle right in town.  Marvelous!!!  I had done some […]

Maybe an RV?

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