Trip 2 – Great Neck

Off we went again on a test drive to see how we would RV. And again, success. The plan was to head out to Great Neck for a quick errand and build a day around it. Out came Good Sam and yelp and trip advisor and google – searching best bakery, best lunch with a […]

Where do you get ideas of where to go?

I have always pulled articles and tagged web pages of interesting places i have read about or seen.  I have bought some books and saved some pamphlets and I have a hope list and a wish file.  Sadly, I have no idea where most of this stuff is so we are starting from scratch. But […]

How do you plan an RV trip

Again, as with buying or traveling in an RV I know nothing.  I have planned a few road trips, but never something extended.  Last year we drove in two days up to see the Eclipse in North Carolina from Miami. And a few years back we winged it from Miami to Santa Fe.. but a […]