I tend to travel to the same cities over and over.  Often I visit the same restaurants, theaters, museums.  I keep lists of places I want to go should I return.  This page is as much for my use at is for yours.

When I go to a new place  I search out the best cakes and cookies.  I plan afternoons around visiting  second hand shops where you can buy used purses for 2500 dollars as well as places where you can get a wardrobe for 50 bucks.  I enjoy a good garden, a walk in a park, and of course food.

Since I go to New York more than I go anywhere else I have a more extensive list…

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But I do also spend time in Chicago.  I lived here in the 80’s for a year until the second winter sent me scurrying back to Miami.  When I came back twenty years later I didn’t recognize it.  What a marvelously executed revitalization this city has gone through.  It has been transformed into a beautiful place to walk and wander.  I love to stay Downtown (usually in the Loop but love the Drake Hotel or a smaller boutique one circumstances require) where I can walk across to Millennium Park, listen to music from an outdoor concert.  The Art Institute of Chicago is wonderful and the Garden walk in the park and outdoor art is second to none.

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And then there is Seattle.  This is a place where I can spend a week and each day find a different neighborhood with artsy stores and book shops and Gardens.

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