Welcome to my adventure.  Follow me as I day trip around New York.  I will visit Museums, Theatre, Dance performances, Street fairs, and chocolate shops.

The plan is to get on the Subway each day and go someplace I have never been.

I have been visiting NY all my life, I grew up in the suburbs and find myself at 50ish exploring the city as never before.  Based on The East Side I find that I might know my neighborhood, but do I know Brooklyn?  the Meatpacking District? Chelsea? The upper West Side?  No, no and no.

So here it is August of 2017 and I have 2 long trips under my Belt.  My Miami blog just didn’t seem the right place to store all the info.  I found many blogs as I searched the web.  Best of New York Food.  Recommendations from residents.  This is different.  Each day I will try to take a trip and document it.

Partly for me and party for you.

And now it is April 2019 and once again I am off.  Now to London where i will be spending a number of months in the coming year.  Home will still be Miami and exploration will still happen in NY, but the real discoveries will be in London.. wish me luck