About Me and What I am Doing Here

Welcome to my adventure.  Follow me as I day trip around New York.  I will visit Museums, Theatre, Dance performances, Street fairs, and chocolate shops.

UPDATE: MAY 2019- Although I will still be spending time in New York my primary adventures this year will take place in London.  The plan is the same but the city is different.  London is filled with markets that I am exploring and museums galore.  I am learning a new way to do so many things and new names to call so many things.

I think this blog will be full of tips for those looking for ways to spend a day, or how not too.  I have been here a month and have enjoyed every adventure and mis adventure.  I have survived crossing the street, the tube at rush hour and have avoided the major tourist attractions.

Writing this I realize I might just put up a post about what I would do on my first trip to London if I only had a few days.  I can tell you now a visit to Greenwich would be on it, and I river cruise on the Thames.

SO, that’s just a bit off the top of my head about where I plan to go with all this.  It would be lovely if you would join me.

My NY plan from 2017: The plan is to get on the Subway each day and go someplace I have never been.

I have been visiting NY all my life, I grew up in the suburbs and find myself at 50ish exploring the city as never before.  Based on The East Side I find that I might know my neighborhood, but do I know Brooklyn?  the Meatpacking District? Chelsea? The upper West Side?  No, no and no.

So here it is August of 2017 and I have 2 long trips under my Belt.  My Miami blog just didn’t seem the right place to store all the info.  I found many blogs as I searched the web.  Best of New York Food.  Recommendations from residents.  This is different.  Each day I will try to take a trip and document it.

Partly for me and party for you.

And now it is April 2019 and once again I am off.  Now to London where i will be spending a number of months in the coming year.  Home will still be Miami and exploration will still happen in NY, but the real discoveries will be in London.. wish me luck