Red Peony Chinese

Another Chinese delivery from Grubhub Pork Steamed Soup Buns.$9.95, Dry Sauteed String Beans $18.95, Mai Fun Beef, Crispy Pork Chops with Peppery Salt Red Peony (Formerly Joe’s Shanghai) – how could I not try it… Well, if I had known how expensive and not good it was I could have resisted. The soup dumplings were […]

Grand Sichuan Eastern Chinese Restaurant

It had to be take out today as it is really cold out and I ma feeling really lazy. I had wanted to order from Sri Dim Szechuan but they don’t deliver to my building so I thought to try someplace new So, this is what I ordered  Pork Soup Dumpling $8.95  Fried Pork Dumpling $7.95  Lo […]

Our Day at The Jewish Museum & Table de H’ote

I love my daughter. She has hit her stride. She is the interested and interesting person I hoped she would be. After reviewing our options we headed up via the number 6 train to 86th Street and wandered slowly, arm in arm, to visit the Jewish Museum. She wanted to go to a museum and […]

Paris – day 3 Van Gogh and a walk on the old railroad track

Today was an off the beaten path day. Weeks ago I had found a blurb about Atelier des Lumieres. It was the most unusual experience. We saw the Van Gogh experience today and I can barely describe it. Let me start with a warning, There are 11 chairs and 220 people. The best view is […]

Paris – Day 2 – CAR FREE

A pillow, I needed a pillow, so we got to go shopping —- into a nearby department store we went. Le BHV- it was easy to find soemone who wanted to practice English and we walked out with a few hand towels and ( as I write this the next day – a fabulous pillow […]

PARIS – Day 1. White Nights

We arrived on the Eurostar in no time at all from London and were settled into our dorm room of an airbnb by 1 pm. Great location but really, a five star at an Airbnb is now meaningless to me. Remember- bring soap, hand towels, dishtowels, a few trash bags and a good attitude because […]

Gordon Ramsey Should be Ashamed

Not that our meal isn’t edible and that y pasta wasn’t actually good but the prices were very high considering that the feel of the place was beachside teenage unkept. The bathroom was the worst I have seen in 5 months in London and the service left plenty to be desired. The caesar salad was […]

Eat Tokyo – Holborn

I found good sushi, really good I think. Though I think Eat Sushi is a chain I didn’t get the chain feel. The chef was clearly in charge, he had his picture in the menu and in deference I ordered the two specials of the day. I sat at the bar, stuck in my headphones, […]

Kitchen W8

Totally yummy meal at Kitchen W8 and what a lovely place to walk. I got off the tube a 15 minute walk away according to citymapper but I managed to take 45 and I could have taken longer. According to their website “Kensington’s Michelin starred neighbourhood restaurant, near High Street Kensington and close to the […]

THE GROCER for lunch at Spitalfields

On a quest for a relaxing place to spend a few hours using wifi and eating lunch I wound up after a bit of a walk at Spitalfields, I saw a few tables taken and some comfortable looming sofas and went in and plopped down on a sofa. It took twenty minutes to place my […]