To begin, it was a long drive – we had a fabulous dessert near Richmond at Dunbri’s – a little bit of a British theme and cakes, and soft serve and candies and and and-, and ok bbq at The Bone in Gainesville VA. Now, this morning I went out on my own, took a […]

Bern and Zurich

Day three. SUNDAY.   Heading out to the Paul Klee Museum in Bern we had little luck finding an open restaurant through our google search so with nuts and jerky in my pack we boarded the train.    The ride isn’t as beautiful as through the alps but it is interesting and has its moments. Today I […]

All the Trains to Sierre for Fondue

A day of train adventure. With our passes in hand and some reading behind us we thought rather than just heading out on one of the panoramic routes we would piece together our own day of mountains and train rides. Heading out of Baden about 9:30 am we took the trains to Zurich to Erstfeld to […]

Baden and Lucerne

Ahhhh, we arrive in Baden late at night and wake the next day to explore the town, see where we are and figure out what to do. Baden is lovely, quiet, clean, peaceful.  Hilly but not exhaustingly so.  We wandered into a number of well positioned underpasses where there was a market and an after […]

Goldman Gallery & Grolier Club

Such a lovely day and back in NYC. After a morning of errands I found myself looking up at the Hermes store. At first I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I wished I could get to the top. So, I followed a stream of people inside and wow. Really beautiful. With […]

Kew Gardens at Christmas time & Petite Coree

I have meant to go to Kew a few times this past year when the weather has been right knowing it would be a big walk around and I was right. We lucked out that the night we got there the air was cold but not freezing, the weather was dry and there was no […]


Belmonte was home to a group of crypto Jews, some of whom still reside there today. There are a number of other museums and a castle and for 10 Euro you can see them all. Our day started with the long drive from Coimbra eastward. We passed through mountains and valleys mainly staying on the […]

Palace in the Sky, a dam, a drive, and roundabouts

After traversing many winding roads and one cemetery we arrived at the Forrest. After paying 5 Euro to enter and park we got a quick look at the Bussaco Palace Hotel and the nature reserve that surrounds it. The hotel was over the top grand and DEFINITELY a place to spend a night or two. […]

Casinha Velha and a drive to a castle

The absolutely most wonderfully amazing lunch, in the absolutely most wonderful and amazing setting. After a long drive up twisting turning roads to try to find a castle, after getting out of the car and walking up steep twisting turning roads to try to find a way to drive to the castle ( see car […]