Mostly I like chocolate cake and brownies but this does not preclude me from having the occasional caramel tart, croissant, piece of chocolate or what have you.

Whenever I go to a new place I search out, or try to, the best bake shop. London is no different. Since my arrival 4 weeks ago I have been to more than 20 sweet shoppes and I was looking for a way to keep track of them all. I am not a master blogger but I do often search my blog as I would a diary to find out where I have been and I thought perhaps dedicating a page to the places I have visited might help me keep it all sorted.

You can click on the link to reach my post on each for more info about the day, the place, the sweet.

So here goes…

Hummingbird Bakery, Islington, very good brownie  

Boxcar, lunch and a chocolate cookie  

Dark Sugar – Brick Lane very good and they give samples

Borough Market  , Naughty Brownie from Oliviers, should have been better  

Bread and Butter,  Near Greenwich, a magnificent cinnamon roll,   

Borough Market,   Luminary   Salted Caramel Cake, acceptable

L’eto    beautiful Lunch near V&A,     chocolate cake – very good

PIERRE  MARCOLLINI chocolate shop  

BONNE BOUCHE  I had a pretty Bad Brownie    

CAKE HOLE,   on Columbia Road – a brownie filled with fruit – yuck!   

Kahaila – Brick Lane, really very good caramel chocolate cake 

Motown Coffee and Desserts – Brick Lane area- we were of mixed opinions on a caramel tart  

Albion,  Shoreditch, A really good brownie,  

Nordic Bakery, Soho,   chocolate cake and a pancake – this place was on a few lists, maybe we ordered wrong 

Cutter and Squidge, outrageously gorgeous in Soho,  and some very good    

Prestat Chocolate   good chocolates, but nothing more 

Brick Lane Market,   cupcakes

Maitre Choux – Beautiful but a really limited selection of not my favorite things.

Brick Lane Food Hall on Sunday – Ninas cakes, chocolate cake and a caramel brownie, both good, the cake was clearly homemade.

Brick Lane Food Hall on Sunday , cake in a jar and a cookie – the cookie was very good

Butter Believe It , Spitalfields area,   Chocolate cake and a chocolate chip cookie, both very good.

Gail’s A really good cookie.

Montezumas Chocolates at Spitalfields. So nothing special.

Konditor In Spitalfields – had a lovely brownie.

And on the list

Sally Clarke Shop W8 7EP

Kappacasein – cheese toasties/ Stall at Borough Market

Cat Food Cakes at Brockley Market ( Saturdays 10 – 2)

Bad Brownie ( which I expect will be good) @ Maltby Market Saturday and Sunday

General Store , Bellenden, nice bite of Chocolate and a really good caramel cake.