121 Steakhouse

I think I will give 121 one of the worst reviews ever, possibly due to lost potential.  Had the steak been priorly prepared, had the waiter offered us the free hamburger or two that were an advertised special, then things would have been different.

I had been so excited to go, the week before we had walked past a charming door to a small outrageously expensive looking steakhouse…

They offer Wagyu and kobe beef, we couldn’t really notice a difference.  we were there to enjoy, five of us just wanting to try an assortment of beef.  The best part of the meal was the fried zucchini, the worst part was the overdone steak.. we expressed to the waiter that it was not as rare as we expected medium rare and he explained!  It wasn’t until i insisted it be replaced that he reluctantly offered to do so.  Then upon leaving, after a 600 dollar meal I find myself chatting with the table behind us.  They had ordered 6 burgers.. paying only tax!  I was really outraged and left a poor review at open table.  My first ever.

Even the dessert was disappointing.  Tho the chocolate shuffle was good, the caramel shuffle was cold?  and the cheesecake weak.  Again, had the waiter done a better job so many things might have been right.  but he didn’t!


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