Dior and Mary Quant

I made it, took the overground, 9958 steps, and a visit to the members room.

Yes, the overground, just one stop to Whitechapel then on to Sloane Square where I wanted to pop in and see what a Muji store was and if they had a colander for me. Lovely store, no colander. But a lovely shopping district Sloane Square. the best I have seen. Slightly upscale but not off the charts. There is a Zara, a Free People, Tiffanys and a few other places I have heard of along with planet that I haven’t. I am thinking about a top I saw at Massimo Dutti.

There is a gallery right there, the Saachi Gallery, which appears to be free (and has weekly Salons on Sundays!!)and house a private modern art collection and offer some talks which could be interesting. And Maitre Choux for a sweet…

I took one chocolate without cream ( on the right) and one salted caramel (seen on the left) with cream and that will be dessert tonight, and happily headed off towards the V&A to see Dior. It was a lovely walk past some shops and houses and a great tree that had grown into the fencing.

What a lovely day. I had no trouble getting within 3 blocks of the Museum, but, as always I was turned in the wrong direction. Which wasn’t the end of the world, on this part of the walk as well as the rest I was happy to explore and look around. And had I not overshot I might not have seen that there is a Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibit on until the end of the month at the Natural History Museum

As I neared the South Kensington station I spotted Carluccios Italian Deli And Restaurant. On my way back I stopped in to pick up some salami and a pasta for lunch. I also spotted Trevi, and Italian restaurant that might be nice for lunch or a sweet treat.

And then, finally, the Victoria and Albert. I had no trouble getting a temporary replacement membership card that allowed me into all the exhibits, even those that are sold out. Also into the members lounge where one can eat, sit, or use the toilet. I also found that there are members only tours available so I will try that.

First stop… DIOR… I am not sure why I wanted to go except that Dior is synonymous with beauty, elegance, style, beauty, beauty. As I walked through the museum it struck me that I am not sure why I ever want to do anything, but that’s a discussion for another place on another day. Today was all about FABULOUS!!

I was not able to capture the amazing curatorial feat that was on display here. Each room had its own style.

Every article of clothing was on almost complete view, front, side, back. And there were rooms of it.

and a room devoted to the Ateliers, the houses where the designs go from paper to amazing. The white of the room and the casing of each outfit as it was first pieced together was almost shocking. I had no idea, possibly because I never gave it any thought, that each outfit would first have had a dry run, or a test production.

You know I go into so much of what I do blind, I had no o\idea that the V&A was primarily a design museum ,and was lucky to sneak into the Mary Quant exhibit. She was a designer in London in the 60’s and the fashion was very familiar.

It was great fun looking around but as hunger set in and the members room menu was not so appealing I headed out and started for home.

Who could resist following this sign? Tunnel? to where? for what?

To the station, another museum, or out to the street. It’s like a little secret. And there is a small entrance to the museum so on a hot or stormy day you can go right from the station to the museum. Good to know!

The last photo of the day was from the overground. I had noticed the way out some bright painted village area under the tracks, beside the trains. I was able to get this photo

Turns out I live around the corner ( a ten minute walk?) from the Nomadic Gardens.

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