Out and About London

Today marks a week since I left New York and I can safely say I am settling. The flat ( I am a Londoner now) is small but comfortable. I have spent the better part of the week struggling with my inner self about materialism, minimalism, needs, wants and giving any more money to Jeff Bezos. I am struggling with the guilt of the monster I so happily helped create.

Without a target here I am left to wander aimlessly, asking strangers and hoping perhaps there is kosher salt or baking soda for sale somewhere? how about a pump of Neutrogena bath gel, or a detergent for the washer that doesn’t have odor… or any cleaning product that doesn’t have odor, or how about just some white vinegar or rubbing alcohol (surgical something at 10 times the price) .

My list to bring over when I come back starts with chicken flavor Better Than Bullion and runs through normal size paper towels for the two paper towel holders I sent ahead. And some Brownie Brittle. This might be urgent and someone will need to send a few bags.

And dont get me started on the phone and internet situation. The building isn’t wired so we have a portable hot spot, but we have no TV License so we aren’t watching. And Pandora doesn’t seem to work so I am going to be forced into apple music. All of which is fine because I think I am enjoying myself.

Yesterday morning the search for hand lotion in a pump bottle brought me out early and I walked in yet another direction ( the streets run not only North, South, East and West but North By East Southwest and every other conceivable way)

So I walked and the markets were setting up, and the stalls were selling, and I found a park and well, its my neighborhood for the next few months…

If you look carefully you will see the camera positioned on the statue … thank goodness this isnt a confederate war hero or who knows all that would break lose when the rebels found out about it….

All that now out of my system and another 278 dollars in Jeff Bezo’s pocket and I took my first bus ride yesterday.

Up top and front on the #8 to Tottenham Court on my way to Habitat to buy an ottoman and a runner for the hallway. The ride was fabulous and the major point of the day. In preparation for my arrival I did a lot of research and somewhere have filed away the best bus routes to take to see the London highlights. I don’t think the #8 from Shoreditch is the top of the list but I did see a bunch of wonderful stuff and St. Pauls.

I dont know what that private street is, and I searched Dalloway and perhaps this is the link?

One of the things I am finding that I love is lunch. Seems everywhere you look someone has set up a stand and is selling you street food. In our neighborhood it is focused on Indian flavors which are not my absolute favorite so I was thrilled when I wandered into a market yesterday and got some chicken and rice with a green latin sauce. Home!

SO what else was yesterday.. Filled with adventure. I was so nervous about using the bus and apple pay but it worked beautifully. And yes, I hear you yelling at me “use the tube”.. stop! I am making an effort to use the buses so I can see the sights, and being up high is doubly wonderfully. Yes, doubly wonderful on a double decker bus!

I am in no hurry. This is my vacation year. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t travel and I don’t vacation. Well, that’s what this year is all about. Seeing Europe, exploring London, flying across the ocean.. making up for all those years I didn’t. And now I can and so I will. A big shout out thanks to my kids for finding themselves in a place where I feel I can let them be and they will be fine.

Back to London: My afternoon excursion took me to Soho.. who knew? And I had just had recommended a place called Cutter and Squidge as a great place for cake. Sadly, phone service went out and I was left to wander aimlessly hoping to find my way back to the #8… see…

and met Brad for a lecture at The British Museum, so it was back on the 8 and off to the Museum. Now, The Met in NY is huge and impressive and they haven’t mucked up the front with barriers and crowd control like they have here, but this is one big place.

And walking into the center atrium.. overwhelming.

The talk was by Janina Ramirez on The Scream. She was amazing. Google her.. she has a podcast The Art Detective and was on Periscope TV… And hearing her tell the history of the painting and seeing the progression was eye opening.

It’s an iconic image that has been repeated in a never ending number of ways.

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