Trip 2 – Great Neck

Off we went again on a test drive to see how we would RV. And again, success.
The plan was to head out to Great Neck for a quick errand and build a day around it. Out came Good Sam and yelp and trip advisor and google – searching best bakery, best lunch with a view, best market, and an outing or two.
Good Sam failed us on every search but did a good job helping us organize our trip… of course, so did google maps.
In the end we started at the Unisphere at the site of the 1964 worlds fair, and, as we discovered the Queens Museum , home to the diorama or Panorama as seen in the recent movie Wonderstruck.

Chilly as it was we braved it to walk through the park and take in the Wonder that was the Globe at the center. What a fountain it must have been, ad Brad showed me that Great Britain is a witch, can you see it? Then in we went to the museum, for free, on the AAM pass and wandered a bit through the museum. They were setting up for a new exhibit which opens in April and I hope we get to go back and take a series of photos to see how it is set up. Its something about the universe if the markings on the boxes are to be believed.
Back in the car and struggling to program both the car and WAZE to take us in to Great Neck, I think Google maos won again. From there onto Centerport on wiggling roads surrounded by houses a nd hills and bare winter trees. Lunch at The Mill Pond House which had wonderful food, a fabulous view and the worst service ever. They could also stand to replace the plastic winter shades as they are a mess but we were warm, had the view, and each other, so we were happy. The Hometown Bake Shop popped up closely and with good reviews on yelp we drove down and easily selected to try the gooey S’mores thing… we sat to eat and wow. As we sat a young woman came in with her baby to order a chicken Pot Pie,  I could not resist asking and learned that a variety of pies were available including a shepherds and a mac and cheese with pulled pork We brought home the Chicken Pot Pie. Weighing in at 5 pounds at a minimum we cut it in pieces and its baking in the oven. I also grabbed a piece of fried chicken, it had a nice kick tho dry as chicken tends to be.

Our schedule had us headed on to Old Westbury Gardens but somehow we managed to drive to Port Jefferson, a bright tourist town where I have taken the ferry to Connecticut from with Tess on a few occasions. We tried the local bakeshop where everything was beautiful , my choice of a chocolate crumb flat was not a good ne. lots of calories, but no crunch and not smooth. Off we went again back into Stoney Brook where we had passed by a few things I wanted to photograph. A few minutes of nosing around brought us to a branch of the Long island Museum.
Who knew you could spend a month exploring Long Island.

We missed the Nassau Museum, a Planetarium, a few parks, some historic sites and so man ysmall towns that deserve some attention.
To finish the day it was off to Jericho to EMF Italian market...why? because i am always looking for good market, and i ws not disappointed. It was small but with a large selection of baked goods and prepared foods I want to try. We got some homemade vanilla pudding and a cheesecake, some fresh veggies and a marinated steak.. for the next few days.
On our way back into Manhattan we past Uncle Giusseppes, so we have a spot for next weekend.

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